Teen Review: Looking for Alaska

Looking for AlaskaTitle:  Looking for Alaska

Author:  John Green

Summary:  Sixteen-year-old Miles’ first year at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama includes good friends and great pranks, but is defined by the search for answers about life and death after a fatal car crash.

I started reading it because… I had read quotes from the book on tumblr before, and it sounded like a very unique and mesmerizing story.

I kept reading because… The book is told in “before” and “after” segments, centering around a mysterious event in the middle of the book- I HAD to find out what the event was!

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To: 

Alaska: Skydive in the Grand Canyon while reading “Like Water for Chocolate” and barely even notice the fall.
Miles: Jump after Alaska, and definitely notice the fall.

Six Word Recap:  Forgiveness is the way to escape.

This book reminded me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, because both have main characters who experience tragedy and find people who help them to come out of their shell.

Websites of interest:  VlogBrothers

Natalie, Northeast Teen Adviser

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