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Teen Review: Son

Son, by Lois Lowry - book cover

Son by Lois Lowry is the final installment in The Giver series. It provides the string that ties everything together. First we are introduced to the stories protagonist Claire, who is a seventeen-year-old girl living in the restrictive society where The Giver is set.  We are reintroduced to Mattie, Gabriel, and Kira as the story reaches its powerful climax.

If I were recommending this book to a friend, I’d be sure to mention that it gives context for all the other books; it’s the conclusion and just does a really great job of giving closure and filling in all those little details.

If I were stuck with the main character on a deserted island, I really think that Claire could get us off. She’s incredibly resourceful and proves she can survive.

I would especially recommend this book for readers who liked The Giver books. Since it’s the last one, you’d have to have read the others first, but the whole series is great for people who like the idea of science fiction but also want a story that focuses on character development.

The cover is great because it shows one of the character’s main features: his light eyes.

The biggest bonus factor for this book is that it gives a really amazing conclusion to a great series.

If you want to read The Giver books, they are available at the Seattle Public Library!

–Theresa, 15, Teen Center Adviser