Cracking The Hub Challenge

Hub Reading Challenge

Each year the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) gives awards and creates book lists of the best of the best books, audiobooks, and comics for teens. This year I’ve decided to take up their challenge – to read 25 of the 83 titles.

I’m participating for a few different reasons:
  1. It reminds me of challenges I participated in elementary school. My librarian would put out a list and you’d have to read a certain number of the books to get a prize. What prize? You guessed it, a free book. I had the distinction of being the kid in second grade that completed the most of these challenges. I figure – with my history, I’m sure I’ll be able to master THIS challenge.
  2. I wanted to read most of these books anyway. These books are supposed to be the best, the most interesting, and frankly, it’s my job to know about those books as a Teen Services Librarian.
  3. I might just win some nifty prizes. YALSA will award the grand prize winner with a tote bag of books!
YALSA, count me in. Here’s the best part. Anyone [who can read or listen] can participate. So if you’re a teens, librarians, parent, teacher, are able to read and think this sounds like fun, take the challenge with me. Click on the links above to get started. I’ll put up blog posts about what I’ve read and see if I can get to 25 before June 22.
Can you, will YOU, crack the HUB?

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