Four on a Theme: Summer After Senior Year Road Trip

icon-books The summer after the senior of high school can be a tumultuous time. You may be looking forward to college, starting a new job, traveling, or just figuring out what’s up next in the queue of life. With all this forward thinking, there is still a reverence for the past, to spending some last days with friends and family before parting ways. In the following four books these recent graduates decide to spend their summers on the open road with some familiar friends before the next step begins.

shift-bradbury Shift, by Jennifer Bradbury
Chris and Win begin the summer by embarking on a cross country bike trip. However, when Win takes off somewhere along their journey leaving Chris alone, Chris finishes the trip and returns east to start college without any idea as to where Win went off to. When the book opens, so does the case investigation on Win, who is missing.

reunited Reunited, by Hilary Graham
Alice, Summer, and Tiernan are ex-best friends; they were torn apart during one drama-filled freshman year school dance. On the eve of the girls’ high school graduation, Alice discovers that their once-upon-a-time favorite band is performing a reunion concert, Alice decides on a whim to purchase three tickets. Will this once inseparable trio reunite on the road to Austin, Texas or did the years apart dissolve all hope?

kissthemorningstar Kiss the Morning Star, by Elissa Hoole
Anna hasn’t been the same since her mother’s death, and Kat, her best friend, convinces Anna that a road trip is what she needs to begin recovery. So the two set off, Anna looking to regain a sense of who she once was, while Kat lives a life on the road that is inspired by Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums.

disenchantments The Disenchantments, by Nina LaCour
Colby and his best friend Bev planned to take a year off after high school to travel Europe; at least, that’s what Colby thought. However, at the start of Bev’s band tour, she reveals to Colby that she is beginning college in the fall. Colby is dumbfounded as he tries to contemplate his life without her, and to savor this road trip with Bev.

–Guest blogger Shelley, Teen Center Librarian

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