T.V. Is Good for You: '90s Favorites

My So-Called LifeT.V. Is Good for You: 90s Favorites
Blast from the past! (or less than twenty years ago…)  Sometimes it’s Sunday night and I just want to curl up on my bed and watch someone else’s high school experience – these are my absolute favorites.

The Drama: My so-called Life
It’s as much fun to laugh at the woes of Angela Chase as it is to agree with them.  Played by a young, redheaded (pilot starred the bottle of incriminating hair dye and a shocked mother) Claire Danes, Angela is a high school girl trying to break out of her sheltered life.  She is perfect for her role, but everyone around her really makes the show: her kid sister, her crazy best friends, and the “totally dreamy” Jordan Catalano.  Expect all kinds of drama: heartbreak,  mother-daughter, coming of age… but don’t call it cheesy; it can’t be cheesy because it’s from the 90’s!

Freaks and GeeksThe Comedy:  Freaks and Geeks
One of my all-time favorites because this show is so darn sweet.  You have your cliched cheerleaders and quarterbacks but they’re not the stars – the weird kids are.  Quite literally, the Weir family is.  Lindsay Weir is a geek (straight A’s, mathlete, button-up shirts) turned freak (skipping class, parties, band tees).  To the geeks she has become a full-fledged freak, but the freaks are not ready to accept Lindsay and her tentativeness to stray from model student status.  It’s hilarious and all the characters are lovable (most of all Lindsay’s brother Sam and his friends.  They look more like 5th graders than freshmen); they just don’t make it like this anymore, do they?

Greta, 15, Teen Center Adviser

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