Cracking the Hub: Unchained

Hub Reading ChallengeI’m about a month into The Hub Challenge and have just finished my sixth book, Unchained by L.B Tillit

Unchained is about a teen boy, Ben, who has been neglected his entire life by his parents. He figures out that to get by in life he just needs to be tough and everyone will leave him alone. He falls in with the local gang, but before he can be initiated in, he gets sent off to foster care. Living at Miss Dixie’s house is the best time of his life, but it’s not permanent. The gang is always there, pressuring him to join in and help them out.

This wasn’t my favorite book I’ve read for the challenge, but it is fast moving. With short chapters and lots of action it’s no wonder it was on the Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Reader’s  list. I think fans of Perfect Chemistry and Sharon Flake will enjoy this quick read.

Next up: Pure by Juliana Baggott

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