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Teen Review: The Hobbit Soundtrack (music)

Hobbit SoundtrackAlmost anybody who has seen The Lord of the Rings films will recall that the music was probably one of the most well made soundtracks in the history of film music.  It was so beautiful yet so epic.  Whether it was the flute melody from Concerning Hobbits or the epic trumpet parts scattered throughout the movie, there’s one thing that people can agree on: the music was awesome.

But as there were many doubts about whether the The Hobbit would be any good, there were also doubts about whether or not Howard Shore would be able to pull off another feat of Mozart-caliber composition.  I confess that I am guilty of having these doubts as well, but when I first heard the music, I was completely blown away by how amazing it sounded.
From the moment I watched the trailer, I just knew that the soundtrack was going to be good.  Howard Shore had brought back the beautiful flute melody from Concerning Hobbits and added a new theme song showcasing the lower sounding brass instruments.
If you liked Concerning Hobbits then you’ll love the new song Old Friends.  It incorporates the flute melody and it slightly changes it.  I remember the first time that I heard it, I was a bit surprised, but not in a bad way, that Howard Shore had altered the rhythms at certain parts.  I had felt that way at the end of the song The Return of the King where Howard Shore slightly changed the rhythm of the melody, but as with The Return of the King, I have come to appreciate the changes the original melody that Shore has made in Old Friends. Continue reading