Daily Archives: June 13, 2013

Cracking the Hub: Girlchild

Hub Reading ChallengeI’ve been reading steadily through The Hub Challenge.  I just finished my tenth book, Girlchild, by Tupelo Hassman.

Girlchild was one of the Alex Award Winners for 2013.  Girlchild is definitely an adult novel with mature and troubling content.  Rory lives in a trailer park in Nevada where a code of silence prevails despite alcoholism, domestic disputes, and abuse.  Rory’s mom clearly wants something better for her daughter, but her habit of trusting the wrong people have damaged Rory the most.  The writing style is unique – chapters are just a few pages long and provide a glimpse into Rory’s life jumping forward and backward in time.  Other chapters contain passages from social worker reports, portions of books, and in some cases are completely blacked out.
This book is described as heartbreaking.  It delivers “heartbreaking” in spades.  Readers meet a child full of life and personality and watch as she’s ground down by the cycle of abuse, addiction, poverty, and tragedy.  The ending is somewhat open to interpretation.
Have you read Girlchild?  What did you think about this Alex Award Winner?