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Teen Review: The Boyfriend List

Boyfriend ListTitle: The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver #1)

Author:  E. Lockhart

Three Sentence Summary (despite the fantastic subtitle):  There is no female YA protagonist more honest than Ruby Oliver.  After being forced into therapy by her parents, Ruby begins to tell a story of previous events- including boys, her relationship with her parents, school, etc.  It’s the kind of stuff any Seattle fifteen-year-old (guess what- Ruby lives in this very same city) has to cope with but she manages to retell it with humor, charm, and plenty of footnotes.

If I were trying to get a friend to read this book, I’d be sure to mention: That The Boyfriend List is always good.  I read this book in middle school, when being fifteen seemed incredibly old and the epitome of cool.  Now that I am that age, and after re-reading it over a long weekend, it still made me laugh and completely relate to Ruby’s words and thoughts.

If I could give Ruby some advice, I’d tell her to:  Be friends with me and we can hang out at the Birkenstocks store in where she works, whiling away the day with our sarcasm and angst.

If I were stuck with Ruby on a deserted island, I would probably:  End up having a lot of fun, which is unusual with most characters!

I would especially recommend this book to readers who like:  A bit of a quirky, unconventional style of writing.  The plot isn’t exceptional, it’s more about how the story is told.

The cover was awesome because: It’s NOT your typical cheesy image (“What does that lock necklace mean? Is it symbolizing her soul?!”). Instead it’s a cute ceramic frog (it makes sense after reading).

Greta, 15, Teen Center Adviser