Cracking the Hub: Trinity, Prom & Prejudice, Spiderman

I finished The Hub Challenge  just before the deadline.  The sixteenth book I read for the Challenge was Trinity by Jonathan Fetter-Vorm.
Unsurprisingly, Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb is on the list of 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens. This is a history of the first atomic bomb in graphic novel format. The author does an amazing job of explaining some of the science behind the bomb. What I found most interesting though was how through the graphic novel you could see how the scientists just wanted to see if something COULD be done, but after the bomb was used, started to ponder whether it SHOULD have been done.
Verdict – the excellent graphics and writing explain in a simple way the science behind the atomic bomb.  This is one book that shouldn’t be missed.
Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg made it onto the Popular Paperbacks booklist.  If you’re a Jane Austin fan you probably recognize that this story was inspired by Pride and Prejudice.  Lizzie Bennet is a much harassed scholarship student at Longbourn Academy.  Her roommate Jane is excited because her crush Charles Bingley is back in town from a semester in England.  Of course, Charles has a friend named Darcy who repels and attracts Lizzie.  All the action leads up to prom, the biggest social event of the year.
I forgot that I had already read this book until I was in the middle of re-reading it again.  In this story Lizzie is rather impulsive.  I guess she’s been hurt by her fellow students so many times she expects the worst from them.  That is not an attractive quality in a character, although it does mean she gets into all sorts of interesting predicaments.  I’d recommend this for a fun quick summer read, no knowledge of the real Pride and Prejudice required.
Ultimate Comics Spiderman (volume 1) made it onto the list of Great Graphic Novels this year.  In this volume we meet Miles Morales who is inadvertently bitten by a spider that escaped from a laboratory on the same day that Miles was selected to attend a special charter school.  Now Miles has all sorts of super powers – and he’s learning about them in a boarding school away from his parents.  At least he has his best friend, Ganke, who knows about his powers and who helps him hide his exploits.
There is a lot of action in this short volume. We learn a little bit about Miles’ father and uncle’s background.  We see the original Spiderman killed in an epic battle.  We see Miles consider whether he should use his abilities to help others, or keep them a secret.  There are more volumes after this that follow Miles’ story, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he decides to do with his newfound powers.

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