The Pros & Cons of Summertime

pros_consPro: You have time to relax!

After a long school-year, summer has just begun and you can finally have a bit of time for yourself.  It is around this time that you can begin planning exactly what it is that you want to do to relax.  Whether that means finding a spot to lay in the grass and read or catching a few extra hours of sleep—you’re now free to do as you wish when it comes to relaxing!

Con: Your sleep cycle can become irregular.

The majority of people that I know have the ability to stay up late if they try and often don’t even have to try.  During the summer, when one isn’t constantly thinking about school, this can means that one can be subject to staying up late on a regular basis.  Sometimes, one can be distracted by surfing the Internet, reading a book or simply losing track of time—either way, this can become a pattern that is hard to break.

Pro: You have time to explore and experience new interesting places.

Due to an increase in free time you’re able to go out an explore at your leisure.  You can go to a park and discover trails or go on a picnic and discover nature first-hand.  If you’re a tea or coffee person, you can search for new fun tea/coffee places.  If you’re an artsy person, why not take the time during the summer to plan out a few museum days?  With Seattle’s wide-range of awesome museums you’re bound to discover something interesting! (You can even get free tickets for many of them from the library!)

Con: Without a few goals, summer can seem almost too long.

Although during the summer people tend to have more time to do fun things and explore the city a bit, it can become a habit of surfing the Internet, sleeping or worst of all– wasting whole days. This is why it’s important to have a rough-plan of how you wish your summer to play out.  Ask yourself which activities are most important to you and how you wish to fit in all you want to do during the summer.

Pro: You have time to gain experience through taking a working, volunteering or an internship.

When summer approaches it can be a great time to secure a job, volunteer position or other type of summer work.  The reason for this is so that one can build their resume and even prepare for colleges in some instances.  What I mean by “prepare for college” is that one can gain experiences to list on college application, accrue volunteer hours and establish valuable connections with various organizations.

Con: You can forget some of the valuable material you learned in the past year.

It’s surprisingly not hard to forget what you’ve learned over the last year.  This can make starting a new school year tough especially if you don’t have review time.  Summer, although a time of fun and adventure, should also be a time to learn whether that’s through reading, writing, or practicing otherwise diminishing skills.

Kendall, Northgate, Teen Blogger

2 thoughts on “The Pros & Cons of Summertime

  1. Teresa

    I totally agree! Summer can be both wonderful and terrible at the same time. For example, during the school year I usually go to bed around 9:30 and wake up around 6, but in the summer time its usually four when I get to be and 1 when I wake up. Also, I fell like when I go back to school the first couple of weeks I’m thinking, “Oh, crud I don’t remember any of this stuff,” and I know I’m not the only one thinking. We all need a summer break and I love summer but the long wasteful hours are terrifying!!! No matter how uneventful or useless summer time is it actually can be quite wonderful. This summer I volunteered at some wonderful camps and got great experiences. Working with kids is tough but over this summer I got to work with them almost everyday and now they don’t seem so scary. I guess what I’m trying to say is that summer is both magical and horrible, it’s always nice to get a break from school but don’t waste it. Go out and do something to help others this summer. Whether it’s actually helping people face to face or making a small donation do something to make a change, do something to let your voice be heard.

  2. Isaiah

    I have bean going to sleep at about 9:00 or 10:00 o’clock and waking up at 8:00 and that’s just weird for me! But I love to read!!!!!!!!! I think explore new things is great but I’ve never really done it. One good thing about summer is I don’t have to work on school or anything else I can do the things I like to do!


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