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Teen Poetry: Sparks

Sparks by Leila BlairSparks

Little sparks
So small and bright,
Fly up to the heavens, in this cold dark night.
As the prayers we rewrote
Fly up
Everyone has a thought,
Something they believe
Something they think
Something they pray
As we all stand around this fire
And the unknown
We share this sight
Of the fire dancing
In this cold dark night.Sparks
We share
The sounds
Of the whisper in the trees
The crackle if the wood
As it bends
And breaks
Crumbling to nothing
But ash
and smoke.
We stand in a circle
And gaze
At the flames around us
The smoke
And haze
That surrounds us
Swallowing us
In its warmth and light.
With sparks flying
Up,up, up, and away.
The warmth we feel on our cheeks
As our prayers are burnedSparks
And escape into the atmosphere
Up tot the heavens where
They will be heard.
Our prayers
Our wishes
Burned to ash and smoke
That floats up to the skies,
All of our hopes, wishes
What we think, what we pray.
The fire we watch,
Is full and bright
The flames dancing around,
The logs burning, breaking.
Until they finally collapse Ina hopeless heap.
In this dark night
We gather around
Meeting each other.
Caring, Compassion, Knowledge
All is shared
As we stand here in sight
Of this beautiful fire
In this dark night.
Leila, Northeast Teen Adviser