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Teen Review: Octavian Nothing (Book)

Octavian NothingTitle:  Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: The Pox Party
Author:  M. T. Anderson
Summary:  Octavian was born in a strange society in Boston during the 1770s. In this society, strange experiments are taken everyday and observations are always made. For example, each person is called by a number and is only called that. The only exceptions are Octavian and his mother. Later on Octavian discovers the true nature of the experiments and his part in them.

I started reading this book because it seemed like a strange twist that what I usually read. The experiments are strange and it keeps you interested because you want to know what is the nature of this society.

I kept reading because I don’t really know any other books like this because it is strange and unusual. It keeps you entertained though and it makes you keep on reading to discover what is going on.

Websites of interest: M. T. Anderson

Fabio, Northeast Teen Adviser