Daily Archives: August 30, 2013

Turning "Mature"

Keep Calm 18I’ve fantasized for years about the age of 18. Free to live on my own, go out when and where I want and no one telling me what to do. Now it’s four months after the anniversary of my 17th birthday… eight months left and counting.

As I get closer more responsibilities come my way.  I pay a few bills and drive around doing errands all while having school.  It’s cool.  I feel grown up, but it’s hard to imagine more to do!  I love my family, and the closer 18 gets, the more staying around doesn’t seem so bad.

Independence is being brought up often through friends and teachers about the approaching age. It’s exciting but frightening all at once! In the present moment my plan is to enjoy the rest of being a kid.  🙂

Jesslyn, Northeast Teen Adviser