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Teen Review: Masque of the Red Death

Masque of the Red DeathTitle:  Masque of the Red Death
Author:  Bethany Griffin

Summary:  In this twist on Edgar Allen Poe’s gothic short story, a wealthy teenaged girl who can afford a special mask to protect her from the plague that decimated humanity in the mid-1800s, falls in love, becomes caught up in a conspiracy to overthrow an oppressive government, and faces the threat of a new plague.

I started reading it because… the title reminded me of Mask of the Red Death written by Edgar Allan Poe (one of my all-time favorite authors.)

I kept reading because… I wanted to know how Bethany’s version of Red Masque of Death was different than Edgar’s.

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To:  Araby will fall in love with the most atrocious man if he is handsome. 
Will will destroy the whole world for the sake of his family.

Six Word Recap:  Plague has claimed many human lives.

This book reminded me of Mask of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe because both books have the same antagonist and the plague is the cause for the death of half of the entire world’s population in both books.

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