Tavi Gevison @ Vera – Today!

TaviTavi Gevison will be at The Vera Project today at 1pm to launch Rookie Yearbook Two!

“For those who don’t know Tavi Gevinson, let me bring you up to speed. In 2008, at the age of 12, Gevinson started a fashion blog Style Rookie that drew tens of thousands of readers a day. Due to the success, she was invited to attend New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, commissioned to write articles for fashion magazines, and even landed a modeling gig for a clothing line at Target. In 2011, she decided to stop writing primarily about fashion and founded Rookie Magazine, a blog focusing on issues impacting teenage girls written mainly by teenage girls. Some bold guest contributors included Lena Dunham, Miranda July, & Bethany Consentino. A popular series on the blog is the Ask a Grown Man videos with contributions from Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon , and Jon Hamm. In 2012, after releasing a print edition of the magazine, Rookie Yearbook One, Gevinson spoke at TEDxTeen focusing on representation of women in popular culture.

This brings us to 2013 for the release of Rookie Yearbook Two. There is something in Yearbook Two that all woman and even men can relate to. I think Anna Minard from The Stranger says it best, ” The book and the site feel like a riot, a celebration, overflowing with advice and hero worship and a sort of road map to your own agency, no matter what age or gender you are.” (from Vera’s website)

Join the Vera Project today as Tavi Gevinson and other contributors will be reading and signing yearbooks for the launch FOR FREE. They’ll even have a zine workshop in conjunction with Short Run and Elliot Bay.

You don’t want to miss out!

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