Television Is Good For You: Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks opening credits.

The days are getting shorter, the mist starts to pool at the waterfront, and it’s almost winter in Washington State. The mythical town of Twin Peaks is quintessential 1990’s Americana, but after the death of a beloved teen, FBI agent Dale Cooper is sent to investigate, and what he finds might be much, much more than he bargained for. Get ready to take a trip back to 1990 for Twin Peaks, the warped FBI drama that begs the question: Who Killed Laura Palmer? The Library owns it on DVD but you can also get the soundtrack and if you really get into it, you can go to the Downtown Branch of SPL and look at a guide to the town and show, Twin Peaks.

David Lynch has also done a lot of other really rad projects: (click images for links to SPL catalog)


–Theresa A. 16, Teen Center AdviseTheresa-CROP

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