Reading Marathon Winners!

Well, everyone who participated in the library’s middle school Reading Marathon last month is a winner.  Tons of prizes, food, books, and plenty of time to read.  Sounds like a perfect day to me.  🙂

Today, though, we want to recognize the winning school (with braggin’ rights and a championship banner) and the grand-prize winning reader (with a Kindle Fire HD!).

Reading Marathon Champs (sm)The winning school is….Pinehurst K-8.  This little school of 60 students had 35 readers in attendance…that’s over 50% of their student body!  They read a total of 133.5 hours, which means most of them read for all six hours.  I could go on, but we’ve asked Nancy from Lake City to write us an awesome recap of the event.  We’ll post that soon.  For now, we just want to say, “Way to go, Pinehurst!!

Elizabeth - kindle winnerAnd the grand-prize winning reader is… Elizabeth from Montlake.  Elizabeth read (for all six hours…see a trend?) at Green Lake and had a great time at the Reading Marathon.  We hope to have more from Elizabeth soon, but for now, she wants to say how happy she is to win the prize & how much she thanks the library…and thanks to you, Elizabeth, for reading, representing your school, and coming to the library!

The Reading Marathon was a huge success… all over the city.  315 teens participated between the six locations and read a whopping 1815 hours!  We couldn’t be happier with the awesome turn-out.

Did you attend the Reading Marathon?  Any stories or thoughts about it?  Want to share what you read or are reading now?  We’d love to hear from you!

Way to go, Seattle-area middle schoolers.  That was a crazy good time.  Hope to see you next year!

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