Teen Book Review: The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand

Title: The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand
Author: Gregory Galloway

3-Sentence Summary: Adam Strand finds himself attempting to kill himself to cure him of his boredom but seems to fail at it all 39 times. This book is filled with the very harsh topic of teen suicide in an interesting manner that has to do with much more than just depression. It’s a book filled with believable and well developed characters and such deep ideas that will really captivate you.

Six-word review: Teen attempts suicide; finds life meaning.

I started reading this because: of its title. I knew that it was going to be about suicide, and while it’s not an easy topic to read about or understand, I enjoy books that handle hard topics. I kept on reading after I saw a distinct way the main character thinks that was unlike what the usual suicide-esque story is.

Rating: I would give this 9/10. While not a real page-turner, the use of language did capture my attention a lot and kept me reading.

What I really loved was: the language and imagery in the book to really put an image in the person’s head. Quite beautiful.

If the lead character was in high school yearbook he would be voted: most likely to find meaning in his life after dying 39 times.

On a deserted island, the main character would: think of a way to kill himself (I’m sorry if that offends anybody, it’s just along the theme of the book and content of the book), then not die.

I would like to mention that despite how you interpret this review and what you would think this book is about, know that the topic of suicide is very serious and this book shows another way of looking at the subject.

–Aldo, Teen Center Adviser



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