Happy New Year!

2014We here at Push to Talk do hereby resolve to keep bringing the funny, topical, awesome, and weird to you every day. 

Of course, we need tons of help from you teens!  Some of our best and most outstanding posts are written by y’all. 

So, make a resolution to write a post for us this year.  We love to have teens from all over Seattle write about your lives, your schools, books you read, movies/tv shows/plays you watch, music you listen to…you name it!  It doesn’t have to be long-winded (that’s my job!) or perfectly written, just something you think other teens may find interesting.  It doesn’t even have to be happy.  We love the reviews where you tell why exactly you should never read a book.  Or the things that make you crazy in books (we had a whole series around that topic!)

Oh, and the libraries are closed today.  Srsly.  Don’t come by, you’ll be disappointed.  We’re open again tomorrow, visit us then!  🙂  Or choose something from our digital collections and find some inspiration to write a blog post!

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