The Busy Person's Sleep Schedule

sleepyAs I grow busier, my sleep cycle grows crazy.  Or, as my mother sees it, nonexistant — as I get very little sleep. Every day, I wake up tired.  This makes me more irritable and less able to concentrate.  I try to make it up on the weekends, but when Thursday rolls around that sleep is a thing of the past.
What keeps me from going crazy?  Naps.  Every day when I get home, I think to myself: do I have time for a nap today?  I will plan what I’m going to do around a nap–as whatever I do goes much better if I get a little sleep to pep me up.  There are two main types of naps–bed naps and couch naps.  Bed naps are planned and usually last a little longer.  Couch naps happen accidentally, and I wake up a little sooner.  Every so often I wake up from a nap with no idea what day or time it is.  It’s very disorienting.
It’s curious that when younger, we all detest naps.  At naptime in preschool, there are more open eyes then closed ones, and we refuse to go to sleep when our parents put us down for the night.  A little later in life, we push the boundaries of bedtime.  We stay up late, reading with a flashlight under the covers, the uncomfortableness of the stuffy air counteracted by the thrill of doing something slightly bad.  However, as our schedules grow busier, we not only lose time to read for pleasure, we lose time for necessary things — like sleep.  And this is harmful, as we repair ourselves as we rest.
–Roxanne, Northeast Teen AdviserNET

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