Teen Reviewed: Greatshadow

GreatshadowTitle:  Greatshadow
Author: James Maxey

Greatshadow is far from an average fantasy novel. While most of the story focuses on an adventure to slay a powerful dragon with a band of varied companions, the way this book differs from the usual dragon-themed stories is through its immense and original world. Our two main characters are Infidel, a powerful warrior with impenetrable skin; and Stagger, our narrator who dies within the very first chapter. He is then bound to the knife that killed him which Infidel carries with her as she goes on her quest.

The story tells tales of adventure, unrequited love, and giant fearsome dragons. While the basic premise may seem overdone, the world and characters this story delves into are unique and unforgettable. Maxey’s writing shines especially in the dialogue which is filled with humor and memorable one-liners. All in all, I highly recommend this book, as well as its sequel, Hush.

-Sara, Columbia TAG (Teen Adviser Group) 

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