Teen Reviewed: Darkness Becomes Her

darknessbecomesherTitle: Darkness Becomes Her
Author: Kelly Keaton

The year is 2026 and 17-year-old Ari Selkirk is searching for answers about what really happened to her mother thirteen years ago, forcing her to leave Ari behind in foster care.

Ari is a strange girl with silver hair with blue eyes. Her current foster parents, Bruce and Casey Sanderson, run a Bails and Bonders office where Ari has been training to use various weapons. Ari’s search for answers about her mother leads her to start work at a mental asylum, where she learns that her mother appears to have committed suicide after escaping from New 2, which is located in New Orleans. The place where Ari herself was born, it was destroyed by hurricanes.

Just as Ari is digging deeper in her mother’s fate, she find a letter written by her mother telling her to run and stay away from New 2 and those who can identify who she really is. Ari sets off on a mission to New 2, where she runs into Crank, Henri, Dub, Violet, and of course, Sebastian, who she pretty much falls for! New 2 is a paranormal wonderland full of vampires, witches, demigod/shifters, and Greek gods. Ari finds out deep secrets about her mother and herself.

Ari is one of the strongest female YA characters you will find. She fights back instead of wilting and running away. Darkness Becomes Her could be considered part dystopian, romance, fantasy, and it also has some Greek mythology. This novel is a must read debut! There is a unique setting, a lot of twist and turns going on. There is a lot of “oh my gosh, did that just happen” moments. I highly recommend this to any young adult who loves a mystery and a little of mythology!

–Dafne, 15, Teen Center Adviser


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