Teen Reviewed: In the Path of Falling Objects


Summary: Two brothers, Jonah and Simon, run away from home to attempt to get away from their negligent mother and maybe find their father in Arizona–who’s supposed to be getting out of jail. They find themselves getting a ride from mysterious and off Mitch and a beautiful girl, Lilly, who seems to like both boys. Suddenly, they find themselves in unprecedented danger where they could end up losing their lives.

I stated to read because of the runaway theme of this book which kept me intrigued. And I kept on reading because I wanted to really figure out what was wrong with one of the characters in the book.

I would gave to give the book a 7/10. It was fairly interesting in the beginning but it lost a but of its luster towards the end as it became predictable.

What I liked about the book was the characters. They all had distinct personalities which kept me reading.

The main character in the book would be voted most likely to run away from home, get into a strange car, and fall in love with a strange girl.

If the main character was on a deserted island he would run away because the island neglects him, get into a strange boat, and fall in love with a strange girl.

–Aldo, Teen Center Adviser



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