I Can Fly. You can, too.

Young EaglesRecently I got to do the most amazing thing, fly. The best part is that you can, too! The program is called Young Eagles. For people who are between the ages of eight to seventeen. The first thing I had to do is find a person who was certified to take students of the Young Eagles Program flying. After I found a pilot we scheduled a time to do it.

When I first got there it was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. The first thing we had to do was a full check – walking around the plane. The plane wasn’t too big, it only fit two people in it.  While we were doing our walk-around we noticed that we were low on gas and would have to fill up before take-off.  Once we finished our walk-around we pulled the plane out of the hanger and got in.  The pilot called ground control to tell them we were taxiing over to the gas station and they told us which runways to use to get there.  When the tank was full, we could finally go flying!

What I was most scared about were the takeoff and landing.  Once we were on the runway at full power I was getting really nervous.  When we got into the air I was so nervous and excited that I could barely speak.  When we were high enough he pulled back on the yolk (the steering wheel) and the nose of the plane went up and then he pushed it forward and we went down.  It felt like we were on a roller coaster.  He then had me do the same thing.  It was really fun!  After that he started to teach me how to do a turn, which was hard.  Next he had me making turns while keeping the wings of the plane level, which was also hard to do because a little wind could change it a lot.  But I had a lot of fun keeping the wings level.

After we had flown for about an hour we headed back to land.  He had to call the tower so we could find out when we could land. Which we got to be first.  After doing the takeoff I was now really nervous for the landing.  We were flying so low… just above buildings!  But the landing went great.  We landed and bumped once but then we were back on the ground and we were slowing down, and getting off the runway. After we were off the runway we taxied back to his hanger and put his plan away.

Now I am working on getting my pilot’s license. Which I can do for free with the Young Eagles Program. I am working on all of the ground school stuff and can’t wait to go flying again.

Check out these stories about pilots and piloting from the library!

–Ella, Northeast Teen Adviser


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