Four Films for a Rainy Day

Ranging from ludicrous to horrifying, the following films offer food for thought, creative genius and riveting narratives. I’d strongly recommend them for a wet, wet day in need of intellectual stimulation or just plain enjoyment.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Six Words: Fairytales and fascists in 1944 Spain.
Mood(s): Dark. Chilling. Haunting.
“Magic does not exist. For you, for me, for anyone else.”
Bonuses: Creepy monsters. Beautiful set and score.
Additional: Subtitled (Spanish origin). 13+.



Safety Not Guaranteed

Six Words: Time traveler seeks assistant, adventures ensue.
Mood(s): Witty. Quirky. Droll.
“There’s no sense in nonsense when the heat’s hot.”
Bonuses: Lasers. Soup cans. Prosthetic ears. Audrey Plaza.
Additional: Set in Seattle. Did I already say Audrey Plaza?13+.



The Lives of Others

Six words: Stasi policeman attaches to rebellious playwright.
Mood(s): Dramatic. Wistful. Emotional.
“You were under full surveillance. We knew everything.”
Bonuses: Political thriller. Romance. Fascinating history.
Additional: Subtitled (originally German). 14+.



Americanmovie.jpgAmerican Movie

Six Words: Amateur filmmaker makes no-budget movie.
Mood(s): Entertaining. Offbeat. Lighthearted.
“Oh God, Kick-F***king-Ass, I got a Mastercard!”
Bonuses: Side-splitting interviews. Lovable doofuses.
Additional: For anyone with Midwestern relatives. Profanity.

I hope one of these appeals to you! Or better yet, don’t bother looking them up. Do yourself a favor and put them on hold.

Maddie, 17, Teen Center Advisers


PS If you have any stellar film recommendations, leave them in the comments below because I am ALWAYS looking for a good rainy day flick. Living in Seattle means I get to watch plenty of them.

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