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Teen Reviewed: White Teeth

White TeethTitle: White Teeth

Author: Zadie Smith

Summary: A novel about three families, cultures, and generations in London. As the characters interact with one another, their differences pull them apart like poorly sewn seams, and readers helplessly look on as they try to reconcile them. A mixture of past and present, White Teeth twists and turns from one socioeconomic class to another, one person to the next – making it interesting.

Six word review: Humility, desperation, ignorance, aging become hilarious.

What I couldn’t get enough of… I never lost interest in the story because it’s always changing. It’s a compilation of many experiences and viewpoints, yet somehow small enough to feel you’re part of this community and you just happen to be privy to everyone’s inside thoughts.

Bonus: White Teeth is set in North London, a unique location because the neighborhood is in actuality a place where a multitude of nationalities coalesce.

Online: The Guardian

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