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STA Files: Nasiroh (The Newbie)

good oneNasiroh is a recent Student Assistant at NorthgateNasiroh was interviewed by Derrick, a fellow staffer and former STA.  She currently attends the University of Washington.

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Derrick: How did you hear about the STA program?

Nasiroh: I actually heard it through friends and family that went through the STA program. They told me it was a really cool and fun experience and that it was a good place to meet people. The program is also designed for students so they really work around your school schedule which is a bonus because not many places offer that. Also the fact that as a student you know that the program last for 3 years is a nice sense of security with many opportunities to move up within the library system is very encouraging. One of the great things that the STA program offers is that you don’t need a lot of experience to apply because they are one of the few programs that look for people who don’t have experience so that they can teach you and give you job experience. I wish I had known about the program in my high school years as I would have liked to done it earlier.

Derrick: Did you have a job before this one?Nasiroh

Nasiroh: I’ve had multiple jobs before this one. My last job was telephone fundraising with the University of Washington at the Student Calling Program for the Office of Annual Giving. Basically it was a program by students for students that gave annual scholarships. It was a good way to make meaningful connections with people from different backgrounds. I can honestly say that working there compared to working at the library are different as the calling center wasn’t as regulated and could be very silly at times while the library is relaxed with understood rules. One of the nice things about working in the library is that the atmosphere helps you transition into understanding what a more professional environment is like without being overwhelming. They still understand how to keep things casual, have fun, and joke around, but at the same time know how to interact with people on a more professional level.

Derrick: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Nasiroh: I really enjoy working with the staff. They are all really nice and professional. I also like how we also provide many free events and services for the community like movie screenings at the Northgate Branch, tax help, and had I known about homework help in high school I would have definitely taken advantage of it.

Derrick: What other advice can you share with teens?

Nasiroh: Don’t get discouraged! Even if you don’t get accepted the first time or pass your first interview, keep trying. Pay attention to all the instructions and deadlines. I would suggest to people who are considering applying to work on your application and cover letter, get good recommendations from teachers and past employers help as well. I think one thing people forget is that volunteer work is considered experience, so if you have gotten involved with anything in any way, list it. As always, approach it professionally and put your best foot forward!