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STA Files: Devon (The Old-Timer)

D2 Once again, our intrepid interviewer Derrick has squeezed words of wisdom (er, well, at least experience?) from Devon, a three-year STA.  Interested in working at the library?  Read on for words straight from an “old timer.”  🙂

Derrick: How did you hear about the program?

Devon: My brother worked as a Student Assistant during high school. He told me about the program and encouraged me to apply because of the flexible hours and attractive pay. Interested in the position, I volunteered just down the street from my high school at Lake City once a week to get a feel for the work environment. After getting my feet wet for about a year and half, I was finally hired as a Student Assistant at Northgate. The position is for three years and my term is finally coming up.

Derrick: How has this job helped you grow professionally?

Devon: I have learned how to treat everyone in a calm and respectful manner. In this way, I have been able to improve my customer service skills. The library has also provided free training sessions on safety and intellectual freedom that I have taken. In addition to this, I have learned how to use e-mail, computer software, using the cash register, printers, and copiers. I believe most jobs will require these skill sets so I believe that the library has effectively prepared me.

Derrick: What is it like working with and helping people from different backgrounds?IMAG1651

Devon: It can be challenging at times, but also really rewarding and fun. I get to experience other people’s cultures. It shapes my perspective and I feel because of it, I have become well-rounded. In addition to this, being biracial, I recognize and accept that there are different point-of-views.

Derrick: What will you miss most about being a Student Assistant?

Devon: I think I’ll miss the relaxed environment and the benefit of a flexible schedule while in school. Most of all, I will definitely miss the wonderful staff here. Everyone is so helpful and professional here at the library.

Derrick: So what are your plans for the future?

Devon: I am hoping to apply for a permanent position as a Library Associate through the Continuous Recruitment Program offered by the library. It is a way for the library to keep current employees’ applications for up to a year in hopes that they find a position they like.

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And, remember, you have until April 30th to return your application materials.  So get’er done!