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Book Shorts: Nameless

Title: Nameless (A Tale of Beauty and Madness)

NamelessAuthor: Lili St. Crow

3-Sentence Summary: Camille was found alone and freezing on a dark, snowy road by one of the most powerful and magical families in New Haven. She has no memory of her previous life and no reminders but the webbed scars across her snow white skin. Ten years later, now sixteen, Cami struggles to piece together her fragmented dreams for an explanation, and choose her place in the dark world unfolding.

Six word review: Snow White gets a wicked upgrade.

Star Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I started reading because… I love fairytales and their adaptations. I kept reading because… the setting of the book is incredibly imaginative and the premise is a wholly different take on the traditional Snow White story, though it still returns to its Grimm origins.

I loved the unique retelling, and the backhanded references to other fairytales. I was grossed out by the Catherine-Heathcliff dynamic between Cami and her adopted brother. Maybe it’s because I too have an adopted brother and know that there’s more to the taboo in intrafamilial romances than common genes. I couldn’t get enough of the creepy, magical universe that is New Haven, and the nonchalant way St. Crow just throws you into the mayhem.

If the lead character was in a high school yearbook, they would be voted: Fairest of Them All.

Online Resources of Interest:  The author has a website, and by all accounts she is quite prolific.

Anything else we should know:

Mystery. Romance. Intrigue. A good, fast-paced read for an otherwise boring day.

Allegedly, there’s a sequel from the fresh perspective of Cinderella on the way, and I’m so gonna read it.

–Maddie, 17, Teen Center Advisers