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Teen Review: Be More Chill

Be More ChillWhen I finished It’s Kind of A Funny Story by young author Ned Vizzini, I knew I had to pick up another novel by him.  I decided on one of his earlier novels, Be More Chill.  This book was the first YA book to ever be the Today Show Book Club novel, so I thought it must be good.

The premise was very interesting and creative.  The main character, Jeremy Heere, is your average high school geek.  No girls like him, he only has one friend, and he writes all of the insults thrown at him in a notebook.  All through high school, Jeremy has been crushing on Christine, a beautiful girl who is in his acting class.  When Jeremy reaches the peak of dorkdom, his enemy Rich gives him some valuable information.  He advises Jeremy to take “The Squip” a pill that makes you go from geek to chic.  But Jeremy realizes there are downsides to being the coolest kid around.

While this novel is certainly entertaining and somewhat well-written, the story drags near the end, causing you to wonder if he is ever going to find a resolution.  The novel has your average teen angst elements: drugs, innapropriate relationships, and bullying, but they are all put together to create one entertaining novel.

After reading this, I was shocked to find out that Ned Vizzini died just as I finished the novel.  For more info on Ned Vizzini’s Death and Be More Chill, click on the links. ​

–Peter, Fremont Teen Blogger