Teen Reviewed: And We Stay

And We StayTitle:  And We Stay

Author:  Jenny Hubbard

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Emily Beam is sent away to a boarding school in Massachusetts after her boyfriend shoots himself in the school library.  When she gets to Amherst School for Girls, she finds out that the town of Amherst is where Emily Dickinson spent much of her life. In the spirit of the woman who shares her name and birthday, Emily starts to write poems herself as she tries to cope with what she has been through.  Slowly, she begins to find her sea legs as she gradually develops new relationships and explores her changed existence through writing.

I started reading because:  I liked the concept, and I liked the idea of a novel written in half prose, half poetry.

I kept reading because:  the writing was incredible.  Every word was beautiful and used very intentionally.  I also loved how the characters slowly unfolded themselves throughout the book.

If Emily were in a yearbook, she would be voted:  Most Talented.

I would recommend this book to poetry lovers, and anyone who would like to do some contemplating of the big questions. While this book did make me laugh at times, it should be noted that it deals with some heavy subject matter and controversial issues, so it is not suitable for everyone.

–Hannah, Greenwood, Teen Blogger

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