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Teen Reviewed: Whistle!

Whistle!Title:  Whistle!

Author:  Daisuke Higuchi

Summary:  Whistle! is a sports shonen manga, and the story follows a boy whose goal is to become a professional soccer player despite his lack of height.  He starts out in a Japanese high school.

I started reading it because, as a small, small child I saw it on a shelf at the library.

In a yearbook, the man character would be vote Most Likely To: Become a Minor League Professional Soccer Player.

This book reminded me of Real because, honestly, this is the only other sports manga I can currently recall with this level of setting exploration and realism.  Whistle! has a much lighter tone, though, and they are different sports.  Real is very gritty.

I love this series because the main character is interesting and the twists aren’t too predictable.

–Lexie, 15, West Seattle