While You’re Waiting For… The One, by Kiera Cass

one-kieracass Kiera Cass’s immensely popular series about an average, lower caste girl of the future competing with a dwindling number of contestants for the hand of the prince concludes with The One.  Who will become Maxon’s princess, and eventually his queen?  The answer isn’t revealed until the final pages, and naturally, you must wait for the book to get that far.  So while you’re waiting for The One, try these other teen titles.

matched Matched, by Allyson Braithwaite Condie
Dystopia alert! Cassia has never had nor needed a choice in her life: the Society has always made her big decisions for her, including who she will marry. A special ceremony matches her to her best friend, Xander, just as she hoped and expected – except that during the matching ceremony, another face appeared on her screen, the face of an outcast boy named Ky. Her feelings for Xander are as real and true as ever, but now she wonders if maybe the ceremony isn’t perfect, if Society isn’t perfect, and if maybe she must make her own decisions for the first time.

acrosstheuniverse Across the Universe, by Beth Revis
Amy is the daughter of two spacefaring pioneers, frozen for the long journey between the stars to her new home, an Earth-like planet far, far away. But she is woken from her cryogenic sleep much too early, and it appears someone was trying to murder her – after all, someone murdered several other of the frozen travelers by waking them too early. Amy’s new guide, the young and enigmatic Elder, is a lot like Prince Maxon in Kiera Cass’s series, and the sparks do fly.

wither Wither, by Lauren DeStefano
Advanced genetic science gave humanity one generation of perfect babies, but also a virus that kills men by 25 years of age and women by 20 years of age. Young Rhine is healthy, and would make a good young mother, so she is kidnapped by Linden Ashby, a wealthy young man whose servant, Gabriel, is not so loyal as to avoid falling in love with her.

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