Manga Reviewed: Real

RealTitle:  Real

Author:  Takehiko Inoue

Why I started reading?  It was a manga.  I think I’ve read almost every manga in the system. Besides that, I kept hearing mentions of how serious it was, which is rare for a sports manga.

Review:  A violent basketball player drops out of high school and becomes connected with the star of a wheelchair basketball team when he’s involved in a crash and his sort-of girlfriend ends up in a wheelchair. Sort of complicated, but basically the plot revolves around him cleaning up his life and the player in the wheelchair moving forward in society.

In a yearbook, the main character would be voted Most Likely to: Become a Gangster.

This book reminds me of…  I’m going to have to say Whistle! although not much, because they’re both realistic sports manga.  However, Whistle! is more generic.  I think the point of Real is to differentiate from the genre.

–Lexie, 15, West Seattle



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