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Getting to know your librarians…Shannon

SW-teen photo What should we call you?

Where can we find you?

Why teen services?
I love hearing about that thing that saved your teenage life, and maybe even being the one who introduced you to it.

Favorite reference resource (print and/or online)?
Be careful, you could get sucked into a black hole of research on http://tvtropes.org/Afterwards you will never watch tv, read a book, or write a story without making connections between all the plots, characters, and symbolism you’ve seen before.

Favorite book of all time and favorite book right now?
Alan Bradley’s The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie has my all-time favorite character, pintsize sleuth and poisoner, Flavia de Luce.

I love to read about unusual people, places, and times.  (Or all three.)

You live in Seattle To umbrella or not to umbrella?
An umbrella is a must, to match my galoshes.  Can you tell I spent a long time living outside Seattle?

The best thing about living in Seattle is…
SIFF, Archie McPhee, Scarecrow Video, all-night coffee.SW-current photo

We know you love Seattle but Where would you most like to live?
Glasgow, Scotland, or possibly Middle Earth.

What is your favorite word? 
Word is the best word.  I’m also fond of misanthrope, and the phrase “salad days.”

What is your motto?  
Make plans.

5 Teen Movies Reviewed – Speed Round!

Robot & FrankRobot & Frank

Six Words:  Ex-burglar old man befriends interesting robot.
Mood(s):  Witty. Thrilling. Fascinating.
“The human brain, a lovely piece of hardware.”
Bonuses:  Beautifully filmed. Realistic depiction of the future.
Additional:  Seems outlandish and ridiculous at first, but you’ll be hooked once you start. Profanity. 13+

They Call It MyanmarThey Call It Myanmar

Six Words:  Documentary about Burma; expands your worldview.
Mood(s):  Impassioned. Revealing. Informative.
“I think politicians who think they’ve gone beyond being politicians are very dangerous.”
Bonuses:  It’s like traveling to Burma without leaving your couch. Very honest documentary.
Additional:  NR

Drinking BuddiesDrinking Buddies

Six Words:  Two friends try more; twist ending.
Mood(s):  Charming. Exploratory. Witty.
“That’s the problem with heartbreak, to you it’s like an atomic bomb and to the world it’s just really cliché, because in the end we all have the same experience.”
Bonuses: Finally a romantic movie that ends differently than you expect. Very funny.
Additional: Profanity. Momentary nudity. R

Like Crazy 3Like Crazy

Six Words:  College girl and guy go out.
Mood(s):  Teenage. Modern. Heart-wrenching.
“Because it’s the halves that halve you in half.”
Bonuses:  Gorgeously shot scenes. Jennifer Lawrence makes an appearance.The ending.
Additional:  If you have a tumblr, you’ll know where all those gifs are from after watching it. 13+

Hotel RwandaHotel Rwanda

Six Words:  Rwandan genocide’s impact; hotel manager saves.
Mood(s):  Gripping. Emotional. Heavy. Violent.
“There’s always room.”
Bonuses:  You learn something new about the Rwandan genocide.
Additional:  Depicts the division between the Tutsis and Hutus accurately. 13+


–Regina, 17, West Seattle