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School Shoutout: Washington Middle School


Hey Washington Middle School!  Thanks for stopping by the library table at lunch time on Friday to talk with Lesley and Shannon about Summer of Learning, your favorite books, and things you never knew about the Douglass-Truth branch.

See you at Need to Know every Sunday through Thursday this summer, starting on June 23, 4-5 pm. We’ll be giving away free books, answering questions, doing activities, and hanging out in the teen area at Douglass-Truth library.

It’s going to be a great summer!

Lesley @ WMS


A Surprise Education

Nathan HaleI went to an after-school meeting, knowing only that it had to do with late start Tuesdays and education.  I went in expecting there to be lots of other students there, I thought this would be a huge group of students protesting the apparent end to late start Tuesdays.  It wasn’t. 

After tracking down the friends who had invited me, we went to the classroom this “meeting” was said to take place.  Given my previous conceptions of what this meeting would have in store, you can imagine my surprise and confusion when upon entering I was not greeted by the sight of other class members but instead, three history teachers whom I knew by reputation only (we were later joined by two Language Arts teachers whom I also didn’t know).  I also quickly caught on that this meeting was not just about the proposed cancellation of late start Tuesdays.  This meeting was about re-thinking the education system.

Almost every Tuesday at Nathan Hale High School, school starts at 10:00am.  From 8:00 until school starts students are given the opportunity to come in early and get homework done, retake tests, get help from teachers, work on group projects or sleep in.  Teachers will meet with one another and organize their curriculum so that their classes are in sync and complement each other.  These meetings allow for Integrated Studies, homework mediation, and a chance for teachers to collaborate on how best to structure their curriculum and plan projects and lessons that they think will be beneficial to all students not just the ones in their classes.  However because the school board has required all schools to meet a higher minimum amount of classroom hours, effective next year, these late start Tuesdays are slated for cancellation. Continue reading