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Friendship, loyalty, and courage…

The OutsidersThe Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a relatively short but powerful book that is bound to leave the reader thinking and debating the issues that the characters in the book brought up.  Ponyboy Curtis lives with his older brothers Sodapop and Darry.  They are part of a gang known as the Greasers, along with a few other kids, who are rivals with another gang known as the Socs (short for “Socials”).  These two gangs differ in terms of wealth, with the Socs being the more elite “rich” class, and the Greasers being the poorer class.  The story follows Ponyboy and his friends after a run-in with the Socs, and what happens after a few incidents.  This book covers friendship, trust, and loyalty in a tense situation, and will definitely leave an impact on the reader long after you put the book down.

I kept reading the book because the characters were all so believable and realistic.  Each one of the characters maintained a distinct personality throughout the whole book, and each one was very unique.  The setting and the narration also helped set the tone and atmosphere of the book.  Many things brought up in the book are relatively mature, and include themes and motifs such as gang violence, alcohol, smoking, etc…, which all adds to the portrayal of the characters and the narration of the story.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought-provoking, discuss-able story.  This book is consistently rated very highly from many sources and is definitely worth the time to read and understand the ideas and themes presented throughout this entire book.  Friendship, loyalty, and courage are three big themes that pop out in this book.  The Outsiders is definitely a book you do not want to miss!

–Matthew, 11th Grader, Lake City