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Nightshade – Can a fragile human change Calla’s destiny?

nightshadeTitle:  Nightshade

Author:  Andrea Cremer

Genre:  Romance, fantasy

Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade packs an entangled love triangle, an authentic heroine, and an intoxicating wolf pack into 452 thorough pages.

Who are the characters?

Calla is the main protagonist. She is a passionate and tender wolf in Ren’s pack.

Shay is a human. He is courageous and bold, but he can be gentle and persistent with Calla.

Ren is the alpha wolf and the intended mate for Calla. He is popular, charismatic, and flirty; but he struggles to show his affection.

3-sentence summary
Calla has a destiny – she knew she was going to graduate high school with her future mate, Ren, living their ecstatic lives together; but this beautiful human in front of her disrupts everything she carefully planned. Calla questions her freedom, love, and fate as Shay weakens her soul with every step he takes. How can this fragile human change her destiny?

Should I read this?
If you’re a hopeless romantic who enjoys a detailed love story, Nightshade is definitely the right book to read! You’ll be dragged into the alpha world within pages and I promise you will not be disappointed by the heated romance that develops over every chapter.