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S·A – Typical shōjo but still funny…

S-A-specialTitle: S·A – Special A

Author: Maki Minami

Summary: A talented girl who is always in second place in everything falls for her rival in an elite school for the smart and/or rich.

Gut reaction: Typical comedic super-boy and hard-working-girl shōjo.

Why: Memorable characters, overdone setting, boring plot.

The characters themselves, although not new, are done well and done interestingly.  Although the main couple is boring, they are done in a refreshing manner.  The side characters are two-note but consistent and entertaining.  The setting is weird but not odd and had potential to be much worse than it is.

The plot sucks and anyone who has read Maid-sama can quote it development for development, although I’m not sure which came first.  It’s quite irritating that the girl can never get ahead.

Who would like this book: Any fan of Maid-Sama or shōjo in general would like it.  It’s funny but the comedy alone won’t carry you through.  It’s easy to read, so I’ll follow it to the end.

–Lexie, 15, West Seattle