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Friendship, loyalty, and courage…

The OutsidersThe Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a relatively short but powerful book that is bound to leave the reader thinking and debating the issues that the characters in the book brought up.  Ponyboy Curtis lives with his older brothers Sodapop and Darry.  They are part of a gang known as the Greasers, along with a few other kids, who are rivals with another gang known as the Socs (short for “Socials”).  These two gangs differ in terms of wealth, with the Socs being the more elite “rich” class, and the Greasers being the poorer class.  The story follows Ponyboy and his friends after a run-in with the Socs, and what happens after a few incidents.  This book covers friendship, trust, and loyalty in a tense situation, and will definitely leave an impact on the reader long after you put the book down.

I kept reading the book because the characters were all so believable and realistic.  Each one of the characters maintained a distinct personality throughout the whole book, and each one was very unique.  The setting and the narration also helped set the tone and atmosphere of the book.  Many things brought up in the book are relatively mature, and include themes and motifs such as gang violence, alcohol, smoking, etc…, which all adds to the portrayal of the characters and the narration of the story.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought-provoking, discuss-able story.  This book is consistently rated very highly from many sources and is definitely worth the time to read and understand the ideas and themes presented throughout this entire book.  Friendship, loyalty, and courage are three big themes that pop out in this book.  The Outsiders is definitely a book you do not want to miss!

–Matthew, 11th Grader, Lake City


Launch your music for FREE @ Beacon Hill

djAre you an aspiring musician or DJ?

Launch Your Music with JK Pop!

Learn how to record, upload and promote your own music. Then launch it at an after-hours showcase!

Ages 12-18. Registration is required; please call Beacon Hill at 206-684-4711. 

Thursday, June 26, 3-5 pmMusic Workshop
Thursday, July 10, 3-5 pmOpen Music Lab
Friday, August 15, 6-8 pmAfter Hours Showcase

Wendy @ Beacon Hill

Shout-out to the Teens at the Central Library

Did you know that our library has Teen Advisory Groups? They meet on a regular basis all over the city. They come together and earn service learning credits by writing blog posts and creating displays and giving us direct feedback on our databases, and finding ways to help the library create interesting, engaging programs for teens.

Picture of the Teen Center Advisory Group 2014But you guys, here’s the thing – many of these teens are just flat-out AMAZING people. They are gifted, driven, engaged, brilliant people, and I’m just going to take a moment to tell you some more about them.

We could mention Greta, who writes lovely, beautifully written blog posts AND double volunteers for us and the Ballard teen advisory group.

Or Aldo, a graduating senior who has been with us since he was a freshman. We love his contributions to our group discussions—he’s not afraid to address difficult issues.

Aidan was also with us all four years of high school, and even though he now attends college at Sewanee, he attends our meetings when he’s home on breaks! Aidan also loves debates and controversy.

Or Ray, who is always willing to help out at an event and always brings a fresh perspective to our meetings.

Or Loren, who says such amazing things about books and films that you want to read and see them all yourself. And he isn’t embarrassed to gush about the books he loved as a kid, and how much they meant to him—and still mean.

Or Rebecca, who asks super thoughtful questions during podcasts and although she has her own point of view, is open to other perspectives and ideas.

A second picture of the Teen Center Advisors 2014 -- Feel the love!Or Andrew, who is crazy about music and has interesting things to say about how that has influenced his life.

And then there’s Maddie, who is an extremely poised, smart, & talented gal. She reads Shakespeare for fun, without being snooty about it. She writes really funny blog posts. Oh, and she won a 2014 Edward R Murrow Award for her writing in a recent RadioActive piece: Lifelong Smoker Goes Into Extra Innings In His Fight Against “Mr. C.”  Honestly we think we’d be better off if Maddie were just in charge of everything.

We also have Teen Volunteers who come in faithfully to do a lot of the work packing up materials for the Friends of the Library and putting stickers on books and counting out pencils in sets of 30 and cleaning off bookcovers and a whole wealth of necessary, repetitive tasks. Continue reading

Hello & Howdy to Seattle World & Nova High!

Daniel at Seattle World SchoolThanks so much to the students who visited our table and talked to us.  Hopefully you got some great ideas for reading and summer!

You can see all of our summer events by visiting the online calendar.

Did we tell you about the new tumblr?  You should definitely check it out!  And create some content that we can share!

Plus, there’s tons more to see and do and explore and experience @ Your Library!

Shannon & Daniel, Douglass-Truth & Capitol Hill

Regina raves on Wide Sargasso Sea

TWide Sargasso Seaitle: Wide Sargasso Sea

Author: Jean Rhys

Summary: Antoinette Cosway, known as Bertha Mason in the novel Jane Eyre, spends her childhood in the Caribbean during a socially tumultuous time. Antoinette is a white Creole meaning some of her ancestors were slaves but her appearance is different from her origins. Her mother is mentally unhealthy, her brother is mentally delayed, and her father is dead. Antoinette narrates the first half of the novel, and then the story shifts and a young English gentleman named Edward Rochester narrates after their marriage. The next half of the novel describes the ups and downs of Antoinette and Rochester’s marriage as well as the factors that led to Antoinette slowly losing her sanity.

Six Word Review: An interesting read with vivid imagery.

I started reading because: I liked Jane Eyre and was interested in getting to know Bertha’s character better.

I would give this book 10/10 stars because the motifs, themes, imagery, juxtapositions, and other literary devices are abundant.

I loved that Jean Rhys explored multiple character perspectives. The story is narrated by Antoinette, Rochester, and even briefly by a minor character. I hated that the description of the time at Thornfield was so brief. It makes sense because the author is demonstrating Antoinette’s mental instability, but it still would have been cool to know more about what that time was like for Antoinette.

If Antoinette was in a high school yearbook, she would be voted Most Likely To: Have A Hard Time Fitting In.

Anything else we should know? The movie adaptations are more overly romanticized and don’t provide an accurate portrayal of the author’s intent.

–Regina, 17, West Seattle


Jane Addams students recommend great books!

Hazel Wolf K-8

Thanks Jane Addams 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for being an amazing audience last week!

Here are a few of the books I brought with me:

Here are some of the teen programs this summer at the Lake City Branch:

  1. Bristlebots for Teens, Wednesday, June 25th, 2-4 pm
  2. Divergent 60-Second Challenge for Teens, Wednesday, July 9th, 2-4 pm
  3. Create Your Own Flappy Bird Video Game for Teens, Wednesday, July 23rd, 2-4 pm
  4. Gaming for Teens, Wednesday, August 13th, 2-4 pm

And last but not least TYVM for your great reading suggestions! Here are just a few:

Have a great summer, and we will see you at Hazel Wolf in the fall!

Nancy @ Lake City

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