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We Were Liars – Summer story with an agonizing twist

wewereliarsTitle:  We Were Liars

Author:  E. Lockhart

Summary:  Cadence Sinclair has a perfect family.  So perfect, in fact, that when something goes wrong, the unspoken rule is to smile and pretend it never happened.  Then one summer, during her annual stay with her aunts and cousins on her rich grandfather’s private island, Cadence has an accident that causes her to have serious amnesia.  She returns to the island two summers later, but nobody will tell her the circumstances of the incident on the doctor’s orders that it will be better for her to rediscover what happened by herself.  Cadence struggles to reconnect with her family and best friends – her cousins and love interest, Gat – while we as readers are slowly immersed into the complicated, not-so-perfect world of the Sinclairs and, as time goes on, the details of that fateful summer begin to return to Cadence’s mind.

I started reading it because it was recommended to me.

I kept reading because I enjoyed learning about the intricacies and strained relationships of the Sinclair family and I loved reading about the vivid descriptions of Cadence’s friendships with her cousins and the growth of her relationship with Gat. The writing style was also very interesting and unconventional with charming pockets of line breaks and poetic language.

If Cadence was in a yearbook, she would be voted:  “Best Friend.”

Six word summary:  Summer story with an agonizing twist.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading fun chick flicks and then UNEXPECTEDLY GETTING THEIR HEART TORN INTO TINY SHREDS BY TALONS OF PAIN.

–Hannah, 16, Greenwood