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Cyber punk, magical realism, and questions of the afterlife…

HBWatEotWIs the elimination of the problems of life worth the loss of the mind?  Is an eternity of Boredom better than nothingness?  These are the intriguing questions Haruki Murakami dives into in his novel Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.

The novel takes place in two separate worlds.  One world is futuristic cyberpunk-esque yet slightly mystical, containing information theft, Kappa, and other-worldly science.  The second world is a mythical world, containing unicorns, dream-readers, and shadows that die.  Each chapter switches between each world.

This a good book for you if you are a fan of cyber punk, magical realism, human behavior, and questions of the afterlife, but this book is not the easiest to read.  The author spends much of the book focusing on detail, and towards the end, on the way the characters spend their lives.  Instead of continuously working towards a problem, solution, and ending, the author explores the lives of the characters in intense details and creates a more realistic story, from the perspective of human nature, than readers seeking action-packed novels may be accustomed to, or even enjoy.

–Sam Z, Teen Blogger