Elephants (An Acrostic)

Editor’s Note: Camilla, a 19-year-old intern at 826 Seattle, has selected some excellent work that 826 students are producing this summer to share with us on Push To Talk.  This is the third installment in that series.  

Camilla’s Note: This poem is wildly imaginative and totally unexpected.  The acrostic structure, which can often feel creatively confining, is used here as license to go crazy with the topic.


Elephants (An Acrostic)

By Gin, age 5


Elephants are grumpy

Love lilies

Elephants fly all over the world

Pull the earth out of outer space

Hats wear elephants

An elephant is tiny

No elephant ever came to Earth

Trees are silly

So elephants are always going to be on Mars


About the Author:

Gin is a first grader at the North Seattle French School. She enjoys rock climbing, writing, and hanging out. She would like to travel to New York and see the Statue of Liberty.

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