D.I.M.S. Authors and Scholars: Elephants

Denny Int'l MS Presents...

Denny International Middle School partnered with The Seattle Public Library and other local organizations to publish student writing in the community.  This is one of the best expository essays submitted:


Did you know that wooly mammoths and elephants are related?  Ever since a few years ago, when I symbolically adopted an elephant from Africa, elephants have always been important to me.  We need to save elephants, because they are amazing, in danger, and it’s our fault.  Elephants should be saved.

One reason why elephants should be saved is because they are amazing, beautiful creatures.  What I mean is, imagine them walking across a wide open space with their herd, and happily playing in the water with their trunks.  Awesome!  This shows that elephants are amazing, because almost no other animal has a trunk like an elephant.  This is why elephants are amazing.

However, not only are elephants amazing, but also elephants should be saved because they are in danger.  In particular, according to an internet research, there are only about 60,000 African elephants left in the world.  This proves that elephants are in danger, because there aren’t as many as there used to be.  This is why elephants are in danger.

Third, and perhaps the most important reason that we need to help elephants, is because it’s our fault they are in danger.  For instance, poachers have killed many elephants over the years.  This is evidence that shows how humans have killed and are responsible for the loss of many elephants.  Elephants are in danger because it is our fault.

In conclusion, elephants are amazing creatures, they are in danger, and it is our fault.  Elephants need to be helped.  I bet the next time you think of elephants, you will be a bit sympathetic for them.

–Casey, Southwest, Teen Blogger

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