Doctors Shouldn’t Give You Shots!

201312 Denny_MS_flier_croppedDenny International Middle School partnered with The Seattle Public Library and other local organizations to publish student writing in the community.  This is one of the best expository essays submitted:

Doctors Shouldn’t Give You Shots

Do you hate shots?  I do.  If my mom or dad tells me it’s time to go to the doctor I won’t even get in the car.  I don’t think doctors should give you shots at all.  When I think about shots I just think about needles all around me.  They hurt, they are scary, and they have other substitutes for them!  Doctors just shouldn’t give you shots.

One reason doctors shouldn’t give you shots is because they hurt.  Specifically, it’s like they are stabbing you with a tiny knife!  I mean, no one really wants to be stabbed!  This shows that doctors shouldn’t give you a shot because they hurt.

Similar to the fact that shots hurt, they are also very scary.  What I mean is that they are piercing your flesh with a tiny knife and injecting stuff into you!  Scary, right?  And gross!  For example, I have to get surgery in January for my teeth and they are going to give me a shot in my elbow to make me pass out.  Also, I don’t understand why they call them shots.  That is literally like getting shot with a gun!  I mean that just makes it even scarier!  This proves that shots are scary and doctors shouldn’t give you them.

My final reason that doctors shouldn’t give you shots is because they have substitutes.  To illustrate, they have other things they can give you, like nasal spray.  And with all of today’s modern medicine they should be able to give you pills, right?  For example, my friend went to the doctor and he got nasal spray instead of a shot.  This proves that doctors shouldn’t give you shots and should give you nasal spray or pills.

In conclusion, doctors shouldn’t give you shots because they hurt, they are scary, and they have substitutes.  So next time you go get a shot tell your doctor about this and maybe they will stop giving you shots and start giving you a spray or a pill.

–Natalie, Southwest, Teen Blogger


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