Daily Archives: August 9, 2014

Anti-sexism tirade, but not too over the top.

TerrierTitle: Terrier

Author: Tamora Pierce

Summary: New police girl who can talk to ghosts hunts down criminals.

Gut reaction: Classic Pierce, bad concept, good execution, mild plot-hole.

Why: Pierce has a habit of turning all her stories into anti-sexism tirades, but doesn’t go too over the top in this one.  The main character has a good personality and history, but her powers are cliché, although the methods they work in aren’t.  Her books also always end up using magic as an excuse for excellence.  That is to say, you can’t get anywhere in her world if you haven’t got magic of some sort, which irritates me.  Her characterization is good as always.  The set-up of being in the past is pretty bad, as nothing seems to have changed in the 200-odd years between the book and Alanna.  Also, there’s a lady knight, which don’t exist until Alanna.  A decent read, but the mystery is obvious.

Who would like this book: Pierce fans, magic mystery fans, possibly police and/or fantasy fans, feminists.

–Lexie, West Seattle, Teen Blogger