The Saga of Vor, Part II

Viking-Ship-storm1Editor’s Note: Camilla, a 19-year-old intern at 826 Seattle, has selected some excellent work that 826 students are producing this summer to share with us on Push To Talk. We’ve divided this story into two parts; the second was posted yesterday.

Camilla’s note: This was from a Viking Saga workshop, in which students each created a character and completed writing challenges as that character in a journal format. This saga is able to present a complete story arc with an engaging heroine, and it left me wishing for a sequel.


By Sophia B.

After many days of sailing, we caught sight of a beautiful island of white sand. The foolish King Horic was paying us to discover new lands. This was perfect! It was a blur of blank white waiting to be built on. We sailed closer. Suddenly, pieces of the island started to split off and drift towards our ship. They were white stags, creatures legend to eat bits of the nine worlds. There were millions of them.

They had just started to tear our ship apart when two of Astrid’s sheep leapt off the ship and chased them away. The sheep rode white stags at the end of the pack. They bit and kicked until the stags were just dots on the horizon. We never saw those sheep again.

Astrid had bragged about her amazing fighter-sheep before, but I had never believed her.

“Why didn’t you tell them to fight back in England?” I asked.

“You never ordered me to. You were the captain, remember?”


Ragnarok is coming!

The realization hit me as I was sitting beside the poetry on the deck. If the white stags are real, then Odin is real and Ragnarok is real.

              A play of iron

              Took my luck

              No sweat from sun was taken

              Ottr’s Ransom

 The words sounded random, but really they were a constant reminder of how I had been taken from my ship.

              A play of iron

              Took my luck

The words were embedded in the wood. Why had I written on the deck? Who would have ever thought to write on a ship’s deck? Now how could I ever feel like I was part of this ship? I got my pen and quickly scrawled new words across the wood.

              A play of iron

              Took my luck

              Though now, aboard a newer, better ship

              I’m glad no sweat from sun was taken

              Ottr’s Ransom is what we will find


One day, as we headed towards Greenland, I was making my way towards the revised poem when I saw the one-eyed man from when I was back on the Sheepscry. He was kneeled over the poem, writing hurriedly with my pen! A moment later he sat my pen down and disappeared. Again.

I quickly read the new words, which were in my old language. How had he known? Odin was the god of Knowledge, I remembered.

There is still luck left to be taken.

Our jarl appeared behind me. “What are you looking at, Vor?” he asked.

“Letters,” I almost said, “A message that Odin taught me to read during my time in Asgard,” but I wasn’t the jarl’s wife anymore, I had nothing worth lying for.

“I am reading letters,” I began. “The letters come from far away. I’m not really from Finland. I’m from Asia. I ran away to be with my friend and he pretended to be a jarl and I pretended to be his wife. I’m reading a message Odin wrote and it says that bad luck is coming.

The jarl was silent for a few seconds; this must have been very surprising news. Finally he sighed and responded, “Well, nice job, Vor. You fooled us all. And if there’s bad luck, I suppose we’ll have to turn around. Hopefully king Horic won’t be too mad.”

Our jarl didn’t tell anyone, so he had to make an excuse for why we turned around. He told everyone it was because of a storm that had already caused us to lose lots of our supplies.


We sailed back to Norway, offering King Horic everything we had. He refused most of it, though he was glad that we had passed on the message Odin had given me on my first day aboard my original ship.

Johan hated the life of a Viking. He ran away. To home. I stayed in Scandanavia. I still had to help stop Ragnarok with the crews of Sheepscry and the Serpent’s Poison. Soon, the two ships are scheduled to sail around the nine worlds. And the jarl told me it was about time to for me to get a higher rake.

The Serpent’s Poison has a new attempt at a poem written on it. I think I did a better job this time, though I’m not sure.

             That play of iron

              Was the last

              No more luck

              Was ever taken


              The Loki girl

              Is like Loki no longer

              Her luck refilled

              Ottr’s Ransom

Sophia is a sixth grader at Hamilton International Middle School.

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