Music Review: Tune-Yards


Title: WHOKILL, Nikki-Nacktune-yards-whokill-covernicki

Artist: Tune-yards

Haven’t heard of electro-pop creative genius Tune-Yards? Be prepared to meet your new obsession.

On Tune-Yards’ last record — Whokill– Merrill Garbus created some good dance jams, but they didn’t get me moving. On Nikki Nack, she gets you dancing like crazy.

On songs like “Stop That Man” and “Manchild,” you can definitely tell that Garbus found influences in tribal sounding rapper-singers, like M.I.A. and Santigold. In the first single, “Water Fountain”, Garbus goes crazy, with everything from wild tribal drum playing to fun playground chants. Sound too obscure for you? Don’t worry, on songs like the ballad-y “Wait For A Minute” Garbus calms down a little bit, creating an atmospheric slow song for everyone to enjoy. Go stream Nikki Nack for free on NPR and learn more about Tune-Yards on her website. Tell us what you think in the comments section!​

–Peter, High Point, Teen Blogger

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