Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – brilliant with laughs at every corner

11My Opinion on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

(Warning: May contain Spoilers)

Where to start with this book: well first off it is five books in one. It is the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide series in one large book as well as a short story. The series is great with humor being the greatest driving force for it.

I am going to split the review into a few parts.  The first part is the first three books together and the other being the last two.  If you are wondering why it is split this way is because the first three books have their end being the start of the next book while book four and five are more separate.

This part will be the biggest and most complete because I am still in the middle of book five and this is three books.  Okay let us start the review (finally).  The three books are composed in a brilliant way with laughs at every corner.  You follow Arthur Dent, a normal human, and his friends as they travel around the galaxy.  How that ended up like that I am not going to say, because spoilers.  Whether it is the depressed robot Marvin or the dramatic Zaphod things just end up going a bit weird.  In this series, though, that is when the hilarities ensue.

Now on to the shorter part… books four and five.  So these two books are a bit slower and slightly more confusing for me at least.  The fourth book is mostly about Arthur finding love with a little bit of Marvin at the end.  It is interesting to read but not nearly as good as the first three. Book five is mostly about a parallel universe and it gets a little confusing.  Still it is interesting but once again not as good as the first three.

In short, this book is highly enjoyable and fun to read.  You will be laughing your head off at some points in the book and the time that you are not doing that you are still laughing.

— Ben, Greenwood, Teen Blogger

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